Four Letter Words


Four Letter words
Artist Statement

Sometimes we can’t differentiate what we want with from what we think we want. We are inundated by societal mandates, contrived romantic comedies and pop-culture invading our psyches. The manner in which this combines with our experiences and ideology largely colors the way we view the world.

This amalgamation in turn influences the decisions we make in our interpersonal relationships, as one’s innate sense of self and veritable desires may become muddled by such aforementioned influences. The result is dissonance – much like the internal conflict that the Id imposes on the Ego and Superego in repressing it’s sexuality and impulsiveness.

My work explores this state of ambivalence from a personal and narrative perspective – starting from the microcosm of the individual’s mind, then broadening to the macrocosm of the collective. The trials and tribulations in which one struggles in finding their sense of self through empirical experience and consequences, powers of rationalization and defining their morality are universal to us all. Or, perhaps it’s more about the desire to remain young, hungry and foolish.