Corrupt Wood(s)


Corrupt Wood(s)

This body of work was inspired & evolved from the state of current affairs:

Serene cloudscapes juxtaposed with surreal Americana kitsch create a bright and whimsical yet precarious presence. At first glance what seems coquettish and naive takes on an unsettling and melancholy effect as familiar iconic pieces of our history become iconoclasts floating out into oblivion and beyond, aimless to time, place, sensibility or Political Correctness.

These pieces serve to depict this dream world- a place where latent and manifest merge; those things implicitly known yet repressed out of consciousness assumes symbolic shape and form, alluding to the tumultuous times we are currently experiencing, in waves of greed, despondency, and materialism.

In rebuttal, these pieces were constructed on found wood pieces, salvaged from backyards and alleys, and rescued mis-tints from the hardware store. Chance inadvertently became pivotal factor in the creative process of these pieces; the sporadic idiosyncratic patterns of wood grain rippling throughout the ground are highlighted and accentuated, which respectively influences the color, mood and relative theme of the pieces.

Jo Lundberg

Corrupt Wood(s)